Lora & The Sappy Bards

Beginning her journey as a soloist, Lora has found two others who want to join her in the adventure to bring sappy songs, Flo and Aza.

Song List tbd


Find Lora in game to discuss playing for your event or venue sometime! Be aware, I hear she's rare and hard to find! (See below)

Every Saturday (TBD)WaffleGoth (Primal)10am EST
May 16thCoyote coffee (primal)8pm est
May 17thThe foundry (primal)8pm EST
May 18thGreg’s dad house (primal)8pm est
May 28thHuckleberry (crystal)8pm est
June 4thFC event (primal) 
June 20thLunaterium (primal)8pm est
July 23rdHuckleberry (crystal)8pm est
October 3Lunaterium (primal)8pm est